Welcome to the inaugural post of Sunny Seattle Rose.   A little about why I am starting this site:

I had a blood test over three years ago to test for celiac disease.  It came back positive and I was sadden and excited at the same time.   Giving up bread wasn’t my idea of a good time but I was so tired of being sick, so tired of not knowing what was wrong with me, so tired of being tired.  I was thrilled that there was a reason for my sickness and convinced that I was going to get better soon.  If only placebo effect would work for me…

I have made many changes to my eating and lifestyle in those three years.  I have learned how to cook using whole foods, kicked a major Diet Coke habit, restarted chiropractic care, started acupuncture, increased my exercise, and spent hours spent researching gluten in personal products, other food allergies, and alternative care. Yet, I am still ill and no medical providers have any great answers.  So…

Where to next?

I left a wonderful, yet stressful position as the Director of Operations at a amazing medical research nonprofit to start my own business, Mindfully Organized.  With that change, I am also trying one more thing, a strict Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with daily exercise.

There is a lot of information regarding the Paleo diet and each expert has some recommendations for an Autoimmune Protocol.  But information is thin. Recipes need to be modified. Different experts have slightly different recommendations.  As I gathered information, I realized I want to share what I figure out with others.

I do not consider myself a good writer.  Good reader? Yes.  Good listener? Absolutely. Good writer? Well, we’ll just have to find out.

I am pushing the boundaries of my comfortable place in life and putting myself out there in the blogosphere, hoping that it helps at least one person save a bit of time, energy and money. All of which seem to be in short supply right now.